Developing A Mobile App For Mood Tracking: Analysis Of Features And Cost

Anxiety and depression have become common problems in today’s time, and almost every individual faces them. With increased stress and negative emotions, these thoughts are becoming common. People struggle with mood swings that not only affect their personality but adversely affect their mental health too.

As per the Canadian Mental Health Association, 1 in 5 of every individual experiences a mental illness. Luckily, there is a cure, and people started using mood tracking applications to control their emotions and live happy life!

These applications have different categories and help people gain a sense of inner balance and peace. In these situations, a mood tracking app becomes a life-saver for both the service providers and patients.

But how do these applications work, and what is the reason for its market growth? Let us dig deeper and find all the resolutions to your queries.

What is a Mood Tracker Application?

Let us discuss and find out what these mood tracking applications exactly are. These applications help people track their mood and improve it by acting as a companion to them. The apps work similar to a diary and help record all the symptoms and analyze them.

It helps app users to dig deep and analyze their behavior, breaking out the old habits and patterns. Whether it is about managing negative emotions, feelings, or depression, these apps improve the user’s mood.

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Market statistics of Mood Tracker Application

The behavioral software market for these mood tracking applications keeps growing, and the trend has nothing to do with the pandemic.

  • As per Apptopia, top mental health apps demonstrate the same growth rate even when the pandemic was at its peak.

Why is it vital to invest in Mood Tracking App Market

1. Health Awareness

Physical health is important, but mental health is becoming more crucial. Yoga and meditation are now becoming a daily practice for people, and they put effort into every activity that gives them peace of mind. Therefore, it is one of the most crucial reasons people have started to account and begin using these applications!

2. Helps in progressive lifestyle

The applications are quite a in use and keep a record of the user’s mood. It makes the process of identifying the trends easier and making positive changes in the lifestyle. Also, the applications aware the user what is right for them and help move in a positive direction. As the users get to track their progress, it ensures they lead a healthy lifestyle.

3. Provides a better control

At times, the user’s mood might not be right, and they are unable to focus on the appropriate tasks. It slowly affects their day-to-day tasks, goals, and decision-making capabilities. All thanks to the mood tracking applications, as they allow people to leverage the benefits and control their emotions in a better way.

4. Poor Healthcare Conditions

People lack proper healthcare, and therefore it is another reason they are investing in the mood tracker application. Ignoring these critical ailments and health conditions later might turn into depression and other mental health problems.

Categories of Mental Health Applications

There are different categories you can divide the mental health apps into. The apps treat mental ailments. So let us find out the categories the app can have:

1. Mental Disorder Apps

These are the applications designed for people who have psychological disorders. There are people with depression and other conditions like schizophrenia. These applications offer support to them, maybe via messaging, calling, and providing them 24/7 support.

2. Mental Self-Improvement Apps

These apps are generally for users who want to monitor their mood swings and cultivate positive thinking throughout. Meditation comes at the forefront when we talk about these applications. One of the examples is Calm, which uses the meditation technique as its core feature and helps them handle stress.

3. General Mental Health Apps

These are the app category that generally helps people to enhance self-awareness, control their mood, maintain good habits, break the old ones while creating a positive environment.

Features that make your App more Effective

Are you planning to build your mood tracking mobile application? Well, if yes, below we have discussed all the features you must consider during the app development:

1. Mood Diary

Mood tracking application helps users pen down their feelings throughout the day and create memories. It is just like a diary entry where people get a better understanding of their emotional state.

2. Meditation

The app must offer expert and professional meditation guidance with soothing music. The user should get personalized meditations based on quizzes. They should have the ability to download meditation and use it offline.

3. Mood Charts

The mood charts show some visual and statistical content that helps users understand better. Therefore, you must load your application with the feature. It will help you plot charts and graphs using the dimensions and help you analyze a clear picture of your emotional state.

4. Social Media Integration

The mood tracking application feature help users to share the data with anyone they wish to and has made it possible for experts to gather and analyze their emotional level.

5. Set Goals

The feature helps the user set their daily, monthly, or quarterly goals.It helps them move in the right direction towards the goal achievement.

6. Mood Improvement tools

There must be audio lessons, activities, and tools that help improve the mood and stress of the user. Self-talking strategies and other relaxation techniques are essential for users.

7. Wearable Connections

The app must connect with wearable devices. Smartwatch and be able to measure heart rates, breathing patterns, and blood pressure.

8. Mix and Match Games

To make your application even more interesting, and better for your users, you can introduce the miz and match games that help boost and improve their mood. While integrating these games, you can surely relieve stress in the best possible way.

9. Community Support

It is another crucial feature that lets users connect with others across the globe having the same psychological issues. With this feature, the other community members can support each other and make their health better.

How much does it cost to develop a Mood Tracking Application?

The cost of developing a mood tracking application depends on several factors. These factors include the features you want to integrate, the app functionality, the platform you choose for app development, technical stack, the size and location of the app, and a lot more.

So, as such, there is no fixed amount you need to pay for developing a mood tracking application. So, all of these factors decide your app cost!

Monetization Strategies Of Mood Tracking Apps

1. In-app Advertising

In-app advertising is one of the easiest ways that help entrepreneurs to earn profits. Under this monetization strategy, the app displays third-party advertisements within the application. Based on the interactions, the app earns the commission.

2. Sponsorship and Partnerships

It is another way that helps entrepreneurs to generate revenue. The platform can get into partnership and sponsorship with reputed firms. The organizations access user data in real-time and other insights that help generate a good return.

3. In-app Purchases

In-app purchases offer one of the best ways for businesses to make profits. In this monetization strategy, entrepreneurs can earn money in return for using the mood tracker application and providing exceptional features.


We hope the article has made all the points clear and helps you better understand the mood tracking app development. Mood tracking apps have become a necessity as these apps allow users to manage their stress and anxiety.

If you have an idea in mind, we will help you out and guide you through the development process. Contact us and share your idea today!



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